De-addiction talk for taxi, ambulance drivers organized

Hoshiarpur: Ivy Hospital, Hoshiarpur organized a de-addiction talk for taxi & ambulance drivers at Tanda .
During talk, Priyanka Sharma, Clinical Psychologist talked about alcohol and addiction of opium and its derivatives. She said that addiction has become a massive disease and is ruining people and their families.
She also talked about the withdrawal symptoms associated with these substance abuse.
Sometimes we come under the influence of our friends or people who introduce us to drugs to overcome our fatigue, which is dangerous for our health, she pointed out.
Talking about treatment, Priyanka said that the treatment is done in five stages which includes detoxification, counselling, medicines for withdrawal symptoms , follow up, so that the patient doesn’t relapse. The associated mental disorders like depression and anxiety are also addressed, she maintained.
Because it not just affects you alone, it affects all the people associated with you.One need to consult doctor, if he or she feel such things and take help from a psychologist to get rid of addiction. One need to stay away from people who may make you fall in for such things, asserted Priyanka.

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